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Spoken English Mastery


Spoken English Mastery

Communicated in English language structure dominance must learned uncommonly. Examining linguistic use guidelines won't help you. Sentence structure books won't help you. You should ace communicated in English sentence structure utilizing regular strategies. You should ace the aptitude of talked language structure, as opposed to remembering data about linguistic use. The most ideal approach to ace this ability is with Point of View stories. Perspective stories are the most effective language structure learning strategy you will utilize.

You must break with tradition. You must forget everything you learned in school. You must have the courage and intelligence to follow a different path. The first and most obvious change you must make is to learn with your ears. It’s obvious, isn’t it? If you want to master spoken English, you need audio input… not text. The dynamics of spoken English are completely different than the written language. The grammar is different (we rarely speak in complete sentences). The vocabulary is different (a lot more idioms and slang are used in speech). And most importantly, the speed is different. Speech is fast. Super-fast. So fast that you have no time to think about translations, or grammar rules, or textbook lessons.

There is no time. Your conscious brain simply cannot analyze, translate, and organize real speech. This is the reason your speech is so slow. This is the reason you can’t understand two native speakers talking to each other. To perform at real speaking speeds, you must turn off your conscious brain and let your subconscious do it’s job. To do that, you must use methods which awaken your subconscious. You must learn holistically, intuitively, and naturally. Primarily, this means listening to lots of English speech… and doing it repeatedly. As you listen, you quiet your conscious mind and just allow your brain to understand the whole meaning of the words. You don’t try to pick out individual words. You don’t worry about the few words you don’t understand. You relax and you let the meaning wash over you. Your mind is open and quiet. And then, when you speak, you just let the words come out. You don’t struggle. You don’t analyze. You don’t think about rules. You don’t think about translations. You just let the words pour out of your mouth, even if you make mistakes. Learn English the Power English way. This is true fluency, and this is the way to master spoken English.

  1. Operation Command of English
  2. Have the capacity to deal with correspondence
  3. Beginning and Ending of Conversation
  4. Exhaust Range of Vocabulary
  5. Proper use of Idiomatic expressions, Metaphors, Similes and Personification
  6. Enhance Accuracy in Advance Grammar
  7. Enhance Pronunciation and Punctuation
  8. Sound Session for Effective Listening